Fimatic- your technology partner (since 2006)

With the spread of the concept of industry 4.0 and digitalization of logistics prosesses has been leading to an epoch-making transformation that will lead to a new way of understanding logistics. To navigate this ever -changing landscape, industrial companies need a technology partner that can help them survive- and thrive - by rapidly accelerating digital transformation across their products, operations and workforce. 

Since 2006, we have developed solutions for our clients combining proven industry best practices with the latest technology available in the industry. These solutions became part of the foundation for succesful operations. High level customer service assist in improving our customers total profitability and productivity, lowering operating costs and expenses.

Fimatic provides both proven and creative solutions to our clients while building log term relationships by meeting or exceeding their expectations. We are problem solvers who present objective solutions in a fair and honest manner. We deliver projects on time and within budget.