Over the years we have delivered numerous vertical storage lifts that we have customised and, in doing so, optimised the customers’ inventory. This makes us an experienced, reliable and safe storage expert. Compact vertical storage lifts are a Swedish product developed and manufactured in Gislaved.

Together with our customers we develop proposals for optimal and economical warehouse management. We adapt the vertical storage lifts according to the conditions that apply at each company. This applies to the number of articles and the size and weight of the goods to be stored, as well as the size of the premises and the ceiling height. In all cases, large floor space savings are made and the goods can be handled in a rational and safe manner.

What equipment will suit you?

Compact Lift suitable for both large volumes of small articles as for heavy or bulky products.

Compact Twin handles two load trays simultaneously and the picking rate can be more than doubled. During the time the operator is working, the next load tray is collected and it is quickly in place for the next pick.

Compact Double handles even more articles with its double depth trays. The concept is the same as Compact Twin except with an even more robust design.

Compact Lift:

Compact Twin:

Compact Double:

Advantages of vertical storage lifts

Picking speed

The technique is based on the idea of moving the parts to the picker rather than vice versa. Type in the article you want and a tray will arrive at the service opening. While you are picking the goods, the lift is already on the way to fetch the next article, so the waiting time is almost zero. One user at a vertical storage lift generally manages 2-4 more picks than in a traditional warehouse and with a reduce risk of incorrect picking.


Compact Vertical Storage Lifts store your articles vertically, securely and in a controlled way. Each vertical storage lift is adapted to make optimum use of the space. You save 70-90% of the floor space compared to standard racks.


When the goods are stored in a Compact vertical storage lift the right article quickly comes to the picker, served on a tray at a comfortable working height. You do not need to search and walk among the shelves and pick details. A great deal of time and steps are saved compared to a traditional warehouse. In addition, with significantly better ergonomics and work environment, which shows up in reduced sick leave.

Versatile storage

Compact vertical storage lifts are designed according to the type of goods to be stored. Everything from small parts and screws to long pipes, large plates or machine parts with a weight up to 1.5 metric tonnes per load tray. All stored compactly and safely.

Reliable operation

Compact vertical storage lifts are very reliable. The technique is based on gear racks that run along the full height of the vertical storage lift and gears that drive the lift mechanism. Everything runs at high speed and the systems that control the vertical storage lift are tried and tested and reliable.

ROI - Return on investment

Many of our customers have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly the investment in a vertical storage lift pays for itself. It is not uncommon that our customers have been able to recoup the investment in a single year. Contact our sales team and we will calculate your project.